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1975 Lola T-400 Formula 5000


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The T-400 followed Lola's dominant T-332 Formula 5000 car in 1975. The T-400 found success that year on multiple continents. Teddy Pilette won the European Championship, and Warwick Brown captured the Australian Formula 5000 series championship in their T-400 series Lolas.

In the U.S., Al Unser Sr. raced this Lola T-4000, chassis number 007, in a successful season with the Vels/Parnelli Jones racing team. Lola ended the 1970s as the most successful Formula 5000 constructor, winning 38 races in the series, while its next closest competitor won only 13.

The Lola T-400 now has a fresh, Ryan Falconer 305 C.I. Chevy, which has only one break-in session on it. The chassis received its current set-up from legendary race car engineer, Carroll Smith. The Lola is complete, race-ready, and comes with full ownership records, including documented ownership by Vels/Parnelli.




The Lola T-400 has a 3/4 monocoque chassis constructed of riveted and bonded L72 and NS4 aluminum alloy. The rear sub-frame is steel tube, with the engine as a semi-stressed member. The chassis is finished with polished alloy and nickel plating. The T-400's wheel base is 102" with a track of 84". Dry weight of the car is 1,350 lbs.

The body is glass reinforced plastic by Specialized Mouldings, Ltd. The body comes in three sections, with adjustable stabilizers up front, a cockpit center section incorporating radiator ducts and an engine airbox/cover, and a rear deck incorporating brake ducts.

The Lola T-400 features Independent Rising Rate Suspension. The front suspension is by upper and lower tubular wishbones and Armstrong Formula 1 light alloy telescopic double-adjustable shock absorbers with co-axial coil springs. The front (and rear) hub carriers are Lola cast magnesium alloy with live spindles and nickel chrome-moly steel.

The rear suspension is by parallel upper links and radius rods. Again, Armstrong Formula 1 light alloy, double-adjustable shock absorbers and co-axial coil springs are utilized. As with the front, the rear suspension is fully adjustable for ride height, castor, camber and toe-in.

The Lola rack and pinion steering system is adjustable for mesh and ratio changes. The steering column itself is adjustable for both length and angle. There are also bump-steer adjustments on the hub carriers.

This Lola T-400 is powered by a fresh, Falconer 5.0 litre, dry sump Chevy. Receipts are included. The engine has only one test session on it at Willow Springs. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a Hewland DG 300, five speed gearbox, and roller spline sliding shafts.

The front brake calipers are four piston, Formula 1, Lockheed type 2271. The rear are type 2385, four piston, Formula 1, Lockheed calipers. The rear brakes are inboard mounted.

The wheels are Lola magnesium. The fronts are 13X11, and the rears are three piece, 13X17 wheels. The car has two fuel cells, totaling 30 gallons in capacity.

The car comes with a spare nose, a nose mold, and has a radio mount.

Chassis Number: HU/400/007
Engine Number: N/A


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