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1969 Winkelmann, Palliser WDB2 Formula B


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The Winkelmann-Palliser WDB2 was developed from the successful, race-winning, WDB1 Formula B car sold in the U.S. They were designed by ex-Brabham designer, Len Wimhurst, and are said to be very similar in chassis design to the Brabham BT-29ís, but stiffer and more robust. These cars were sold in the U.K. as Pallisers, where they were manufactured, but were sold in the U.S. as Winklemanns, as a nod to distributor and racer Bob Winkelmann.

The WDB2 was designed to accept 1600 c.c. Ford Twin Cam engines, as well as F2 and F3 engines. The WDB2 can even accept engines up to 2.5 liters for Formula Libre racing. Eight WDB2 cars were produced. This is chassis #3.

The ownership history known to date is as follows:

The log books, which go back to 1973, show a gentleman named Bruhil raced the car in 1973. Bruhil sold the car to Gettel in January, 1976. Gettel sold the car to Craig Vaughn in December, 1978. Vaughn, in turn, sold the car to Hardy in Colorado in May of 1979. The Winkelmann was purchased from Hardy by its current owner in December, 1993, and then restored.

During restoration, Bob Winkelmann, a friend of the owner, told the owner that the car was originally a Winkelmann/Palliser works team car that raced on the U.S. East Coast and Mid-West. Mr. Winkelmann said the car was very successful. However, no further research has been done at this time to track down early race results.

The current owner has raced chassis #3 from 1993 to 2008, achieving many poles and wins across the USA and Eastern Canada. This is a proven front running, no excuses, car. It has turned 1:41 laps at Infineon Raceway, and 1:36 laps at Laguna Seca, and finished on the podium many times. It can also be purchased at substantially less money than the cost of a comparable Brabham BT-29, or Lotus 69.

The Winkelmann can be run with, and without wings, with only minutes needed to change from one configuration to the other. The car comes with a spare, non-front-wing, nose included. It also comes with 2 sets of wheels. It has new front hubs, brake masters and a fresh brake rebuild. The car was most recently prepared by Brad Pierce Motorsports.




The WDB2 is a multi-tublar frame with steel stress panels. The car is powered by a 1600 c.c. Dave Vegher prepared Lotus Twin Cam with a Tilton Super Starter. The engine was freshened prior to its second to last race at Road America in July 2008. Thereafter, carburetor and valve adjustments were done prior to the car's last race at Sears Point 10/08. Since that time, the car has been properly stored and cared for. It is ready to be run at anytime.

The twin cam's power is run through a Hewland FT200 five speed gearbox. The shocks are double adjustable Konis. The Revolution wheels are shod with 12.0/23.0X13 rear and 9.0/21.0 X13 front treaded Avon tires. The brakes are Lockheed AP discs. The Winkelmann has a fire system, Willans belts, a fuel cell, and Smiths tach. It also has a cockpit adjustable brake bias.

The Winkelmann can be raced as monoposto period F2/FB (no wings) or later period FB with wings. In it's last race at Road America, the Winkelmann set the fastest race lap, again besting several Brabhams.

The WDB2 Formula B can also be purchased with the two Winkelmann WDF2 Formula Fords, and spares, listed on this site for a total package price of $70,000. That is three cars, and valuable spares, including a complete spare Formula Ford engine, for less than the price of a single comparable Formula B car.

We know of two Brabham BT-29's that have sold this year for over $100,000 with genuine, but unremarkable history. This Winkelman/Palliser F2/FB car can be purchased for less than half that figure on its own, and has proven quicker than comparably prepared BT-29's. In addition, Bob Winkelmann, himself, said the car is one of the factory team cars, and has had successful results. With, or without, the additional Formula Ford package, this is a great opportunity for someone.

Chassis Number: 03
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