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This is a collection of vintage midgets for sale.

The yellow car is a circa 1957 Kurtis with an Alfa race engine. The silver car is a custom build, sidewinder Offy. The white car is also a custom build with the a Ford V8/60 mounted off to the side instead of dead center. There is another car, not pictured. It has faded paint and Chevy II power. There is no radiator, and the Hilborn injection linese are not connected. It is unsure if this car actually raced in period, or was nearly completed by not finished.

The red car is a 1934 Kurtis Offy. It has a very early Offy, actually the 4th one ever to be installed into a racing car.

Also available is a freshly rebuilt six cylinder 116 inch Offy engine.

This is a very cool collection of old midgets. It can be bought as the entire collection, or each vehicle separately.




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