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1964 Troutman Barnes Scorpion


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Troutman and Barnes were race car builders in the 1950's and 1960's. They built everything from Indy Cars with Frank Kurtis, to road racers for Jim Hall (Chaparral 1) and Lance Reventlow (Scarabs). This is the last of the Troutman Barnes cars, the Scorpion.

Buck Fulp, a racer from South Carolina, commissioned the Scorpion to be built for road racing for the upcoming 1964 season. While initially competitive, the car became outdated by the later USRRC cars and the aluminum monocoque cars of the Can Am series.

The Scorpion was returned to Troutman and Barnes where it languished through the rest of the 1960's. Jack Hagemann then bought the Scorpion. and retained it at his shop for the next 40 years as an un-restored project. Thereafter the car was purchased by its current owner and restored. The Scorpion has since competed at multiple vintage races, including the Monterey Reunion.




Mid-engine Chevy V8 with side draft Webers. The car is in excellent condition.

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