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1967 Cougar Trans Am


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The history of this car has not yet been confirmed. It has been represented as one of the 1967 Mercury Cougar factory team cars that was raced by Parnelli Jones in the Trans-Am that season. For certain Jones has driven it as a vintage race car. The Cougar has an extensive vintage racing history, but its early history has not yet been thoroughly researched, or documented. Bud Moore's son has confirmed that the chassis number of this car falls within the range of the cars that could have come through their shop. There were several of these factory team cars, and it appears the histories of some of them are still unknown. There were also other Cougar Trans-Am cars, and other Cougar race cars built out of the Bud Moore Ford factory team shop that raced in the late 1960's. Bud Moore's son has confirmed to the current owner that the chassis number of this car falls within the range of the cars that could have come through their race shop in period. The owner has also confirmed that to date there are no other competing claims to this car's history, and that he has had the car for the past 20 years.

The Cougar has also appeared in a feature article in Vintage Motorsport magazine. As an interesting aside note, this Cougar appeared in the Dukes of Hazard movie.

The Cougar is currently priced assuming the period history cannot be verified. Having said that the has still been accepted at, and raced at, such events including multiple Monterey Historics, Wine Country Classics, Monterey Reunions, Coronado, Northwest Historics, Palm Springs, etc., and has competed with such organizations as CSRG, VARA, HMSA, SCCA, and CVAR. This is a very inexpensive, and attention-getting, entry to some of the best vintage racing events in the U.S.
aving said that, the car with what history has been presented

At $59,500.00 it may be one of the least expensive entries into such premier vintage racing events. Also, as of January, 2017, there is a replica Trans Am Cougar offered on Race-Cars.com for $125,000.00. That car has not raced at all, let alone at some of the premier vintage races the car offered here has already run.




There are two race weekends on the high performance 302 cubic inch Ford engine built by S&S with Scat crank and Carrillo rods, roller rockers, etc. Four speed Top Loader transmission, Mcleod clutch. New 4.11 rear end. Finned drum rear brakes and disc fronts. The Cougar was most recently run at the 2017 SVRA Sonoma Motorsports Festival, driven by Indy Car racer, Alex Lloyd.

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