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1963 Merlyn Mk.4A Sports Racer


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In 1963 the Merlyn was shipped to the USA. It is believed the car was initially raced by Bud Kemp in Sports Car Club of America (“SCCA”) races. In particular the car competed at the SCCA Divisional Championships on October 5-6, 1963 at Green Valley Raceway, in Smithfield, Texas, just outside of Dallas. Thereafter the Merlyn appears to have passed through a number of hands and disappeared off the records

The Merlyn was later rediscovered in the U.S. as a bare chassis in 2010. It was imported back to the U.K. by Autotune (Rishton), Ltd. who specialises in McLaren restorations. The chassis was verified as RS36 by the Merlyn factory, Colchester Racing Developments (“CRD”).

The Merlyn was then purchased by current owner in 2011. The chassis was subject to a full restoration using original parts wherever possible. All Merlyn parts were sourced from CRD. Aircraft spec aluminium body panels were fitted during the restoration. The restoration was finished, and FIA papers issued, in March, 2016.

The Merlyn raced in the Madgewick Cup at the Goodwood revival in 2016. The car qualified 28th (due to clutch maladjustment) and worked its way up to finish 13th.

The Merlyn is currently located in England.




Engine: Racing dry sump twin cam built by CTM Essex (ex Burton and twin cam specialist) with steel internals and F1 (rally) cams producing 168bhp. The engine was freshly rebuilt prior to Goodwood revival so only has dyno and one race time.

Gearbox – 5 speed with LSD rebuilt in 2016 by JP of Silverstone – one race old.

The car comes with a set of spare wheels, a correct L block., and moulds for all polycarbonate parts.

The Merlyn is immaculate. It is the only MK 4A in Europe with its original, unmodified, body configuration.

Chassis Number: RS36
Engine Number:


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