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1967 Ferrari P4 Replica


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This Ferrari P4 replica is a well executed aluminum monocoque chassis with composite bodywork. The monocoque was designed and constructed for long term street use. It has billet uprights and bulkheads.

The car is currently powered by an all-aluminum, 6.2 liter, fuel injected, Chevy LS3 engine. This is the same engine as found in the C6 Corvette, and capable of 430 h.p. direct from the factory. The engine’s power is transmitted through a Porsche synchromesh, 4 speed, 930 turbo gearbox

The P4 can be used on the street as well as on the track. The pedal box is set up for comfortable heel and toe driving while the clutch is quick, yet easy, to engage.

A Norwood P4 replica, with a period, but not exactly correct, V12 sells for over $300,000.00. Lesser replicas with any Ferrari engine are still in the $200,000.00 range.

You could enjoy this P4 now while you look for a Ferrari engine for it, or just enjoy it forever with the easy running, inexpensive to maintain, reliable, cool running, LS3 engine.




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