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1968 Chevron B8


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Fast and reliable. Original. Car has extensive racing history in Europe, the US (both B Sports Racer and Vintage), Nassau, Santo Domingo and Jamaica. Eligible for SVRA, HSR, SCCA, Vintage, etc. Full History available upon request.

Ownership History:

First Owner: Roger Heavens
Second Owner: Tony Birchenhough
Third Owner: Billy Blackledge
Fourth Owner: Richard Melville & Geoffrey DePass
Fifth Owner: John Gunn
Sixth Owner: Harry Stevenson
Seventh Owner: Charlie Hollis

The car was first raced in the 1,000 Km of Nürburgring, Germany, July 31, 1970, by Roger Heavens and Mike Garton, finishing 17th overall against the winning Porsche 908 of Vic Elford, the Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, etc. Tony Birchenhough acquired the car from Roger Heavens in 1971. Birchenhough and Brian Joscelyn drove to 12th overall at the 1000 Km of Spa against the Porsche 917K of Pedro Rodriquez, Alfa Romeo Lola T70, etc. At the 1,000 Km of Nürburgring they finished 23rd. They finished 14th overall at the 1,000 Km of Paris against Derek Bell in a Porsche 917K.

After the 1971 season, the car was sold to Billy Blackledge of Jamaica, who raced it successfully in Jamaica, Nassau, Santo Domingo and probably in Cuba. Blackledge sold the car to Richard Melville and Geoffrey DePass, who dismantled it and brought it to John Gunn's shop in Miami for reassembly, never returning to reclaim it. John sold it to Harry Stevenson for storage charges. Harry raced the car as a B Sports Racer until it was purchased by Charlie Hollis in 1975.

Hollis raced the Chevron as an SCCA B Sports Racer for several years. The car was loaned to a driver in Virginia and driven in several SVRA races in the Northeast. It was then put into storage for 10 years. Hollis and Don Loftis retrieved the car from Virginia and brought to the Custom Coachwork Shop of Don Loftis where it was restored to present condition.




7 races since rebuild 2,000cc BMW. Power with all the right parts (specs and Dyno sheet available) and FT 200 5-speed Hewland.

Chassis Number: CDBE87
Engine Number:


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