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Jaguar XKE, Series One Fixed Head Coupe


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This Series One E-Type Coupe has spent the vast majority of its past 37 years in dry storage. This car was in an accident in the late 1960's or early 1970's. The bonnet was damaged and thrown away. The rest of the car was retained. Repair work begain on the car, but later stalled. The car was then stored for some 25 years in an active, dry, machine shop. By the time the current owner acquired the car, the interior and exterior had been stripped for restoration, and new floors and rocker panels had been installed. The car arrived as a rolling chassis, complete with original engine and transmission. Included were many boxes of the original parts that had been retained for use during restoration.

The current owner then acquired a used bonnet for the car to be mounted on the car's original mounting bracketry, and to utilize the car's original headlight assemblies. However, to date he has done nothing else with the car. Seven years since gone by and he has realized that he probably will not get to it for at least the next several years. Thus, he has decided to sell the car at this time.




This is a Series One Fixed Head Coupe with covered headlights, a triple carbureted 4.2 engine, and an all syncromesh 4 speed gearbox. The engine and gearbox are the originals that came with the car. The car still retains its original chassis plate and number, #34120.

The car was represented to the current owner as complete, except for the bonnet, when he acquired some seven years ago. This appears to be a genuine representation after reviewing all the boxes of original bits that come with the car. The known history to date indicates the car may have only been moved once, or possibly twice, in the past 30 years, keeping the risk of lost parts very low. The current owner is aware of no missing parts.

The car is a valuable restoration project, and/or excellent vintage racing car candidate.

Chassis Number: 34120
Engine Number: 7E 11921-9


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