Dealer Testimonials

Below are testimonials from dealers received in just the past two months.

"The DMV referred me to visit your website. I also did a Google search and looked at the rating for the site. This course is very helpful and easy to understand. The wording and script is not complicated. I would highly recommend this lesson tutorial to another person."

"I think this is the best dealer continuing education course available hands down, it's simple, easy and informative, not to mention if you follow the instructions you canít fail. I'm not sure what more you could offer to improve this course, sometimes you should leave perfection alone and this is one of those times."

"It works great now, don't change it! Best time-saver course around!!!"

"Thank you very much!!! This was an easy to use DMV course and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the industry."

"I think the course hit the spot. I heard of you through other dealers."

"Hello. I did this class with you twice before. I came back because u r the most honest, fast and simplest class. Thank you very much 4 your help."

"It was a great experience! Very clear and simple directions. Thanks! Superwheels Auto"

"Thank you Arthur Hebert...I have been a customer in person and online since we began...almost 10 years ago. Good luck and thanks again for making this so convenient. Felicia S. Barbalinardo Mrs. B's Auto Wholesale"

"The course is great, and I have taken the course in past years from Motor Sports Market. Don ONeal, Intercontinental Auto Wholesalers"

"Heard of you from the DMV. Amazing course, fun and easy. I recommend everyone to take this educational course. www.amgautogallery.com."

"Great course!! Easy to follow and comprehend. (Also love the videos!)"

"Thank you, I can do it on a rainy day, and do it at my convenience, thank you again, Dan Vigil"

"Very professional! Easy to understand! Thank you!"

"You guys have done an excellent job, keep it up Ė Referred by Chuck Wentland, Excellent course."

"No longer the price leader at $50 as there are some $45 and $49 courses out there, but your content seems to be lighter and easier to digest and therefore takes less time to get through and makes up for the disparity. See you in 2 years!"

"Art.... I appreciate you getting me handled quickly by e-mail, so I could finish things up! The e-mail link is well put together, it is very helpful."

"A fellow dealer for which I am grateful told me about the course. Whatever makes me a good dealer is what I need. The course is great for information, cost, and time conserving."

"Online class is informative and very well organized. Will definitely recommend to others. Art Hebert was helpful in accommodating my request to get my dealer number entered correctly after I registered for the class. Thanks to all!"

"This is my first time using and it could not have been a better experience. Thanks."

"Easy to understand. All relevant info."

"It was easy and fast."


"course is great!"

"Love your site, full of information and easy to use. Thank you!"

"Previous customer, Course is great, thanks."

"Course was great."

"The course was great. I am a repeat customer."

"The course was easy and quick!, I couldn't ask for anything better. Keep the good work! Thanks."

"We have used your service before. I think your course is simple and easy to use."

"I have previously use this service. Everything is fine."

"form DMV thank you."

"I used you last time. Course does the job for me"


"Quick and easy!"

"Thanks Art you're the best. Martin Khadjenouri Cabriolet International"

"We heard about your company from another dealership."

"Good class."

"I have been using your site for the past several renewals."

"It's very well done."

"It was all good."

"I have always used you guys! Keep it up!"

"Great course, thanks."

"I've used you before. Your course worked out very well, nothing needs to be improved."

"It's all good. Thank you."

"From DMV and also used you last time. Great course."

"Took the class in Oakland several years ago, all is good. Thank you."

"Doing a good job with the course. Very Entertaining and easy to use. Thank you"

"Course was great! Thank You"

"I used you before for my previous renewal. I Like the course, itís good."

"I like the site."

"Course is fun and easy to understand thank you."

"Good information and testing. Thank you."

"Good course. Thanks."

"This is my THIRD year using your program - Easy to read. Thanks Holly"


"Its a great course, keep it up!"

"I have taken your course before and it is great!"

"Youíre doing a great job, great service. Test was very informative and complete."

"Repeat customer-best way to get it done...Thank you"

"Great Course. Very informative."

"Learned about your service from the CA DMV."


"Great and fun course."

"Thank you."